How do I schedule my blood work with Quest Diagnostics?

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Blood work is probably one of the top ways to get an Unfair Advantage with your health. If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.  Which is why the Unfair Advantage starts with getting your lab work done.

Here are the steps to make that happen:

  • Go to your Unfair Advantage Members Area and click on “Health Portal” to login to your private, protected site that will house your lab results.

  • Download the Lab Document PDF

  • Find a lab near you by visiting this link: Quest Diagnostics

  • Schedule an appointment and take your printed Lab Document PDF

  • Get your lab work completed. You can schedule an appointment for any time of day.

    • You have 2 options:

      • 1. You can fast for 10+ hours (recommended), and this is considered a  “fasted” blood draw…OR…

      • 2. At a minimum you must fast 3+ hours before blood draw.  This will be considered “unfasted”.

      • Either one is totally fine and will benefit you.

  • When it is time to schedule your blood draw through Quest, here are 3 tips  to make scheduling easier:

    • Select “All Other Tests” when it asks what kind of draw you need. 

    • On the scheduling page, it can be hard to see open times. Click ‘show more times’ and look for WHITE boxes.  The light gray boxes are ‘not available’ times. 

    • When it asks about insurance.  Select “The person being tested will bring it to appointment.”  Then when you are there, remind them the paperwork says bill to ‘client’.  You do NOT need to show insurance or pay anything on site.

When your lab work results are in, you will be notified via email to take a look inside your Unfair Advantage Health Portal for the results.

Inside the portal, you’ll be able to view your lab work results as well as the customized  vitamins that will be in your daily supplements moving forward.

For any questions or concerns about your order or this process, contact our customer service representatives at

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